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Discover Events, Connect with People,
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Join our global community to explore, share, and experience the best local events and activities.

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Our app.
Designed with your happiness in mind.
In a world full of apps vying for your attention, we've taken a different approach.
Our focus is your peace of mind and fostering positive, real-world interactions.
A neat list of events and activities.

Just scroll through to see what's happening in town!
Listings in other languages are all translated to English for you.
Events • Culture, workshops, parties and all sorts of organized fun!
Meetups • Find people for activities. Play, Eat, Drink, Talk.

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Post in a Flash!

With our minimalistic creation screen, sharing your event is a breeze.
List your event with just your words, no need for fancy pictures here!
Easily reach out to all the good people to join your plans!

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Make it happen!

The listing page let's you
• RSVP with one tap to let people know how keen you are!
• Work out the details of your plans as you go.
• Find each other with text and pictures.
• Share an invitation on any other channel or platform.

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