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What is Wozin?

We are a fun, open, global community. Your new friends.

Our app is the easiest way to connect to people by doing activities you enjoy, whether you're new somewhere and want to feel like you belong from day one, if you wish to extend your social circles, change your rhythm and stray off the beaten path, or pick up hobbies you haven't even thought of!

How it works

Post what you'd be up for!

Create activities in less than a minute:
• Pick a catchy title for the event
• Choose the time and place (can be vague)
• Add more details if you need to
• When you're done, users around you will be notified

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See what's going on!

Not feeling like posting something yourself?
No problem, there's probably something already planned around you!
• Select a location to know what's happening there
• Tap any activity for details

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Join activities!

Found something to do around you?
• Join the event in a single tap
• Introduce yourself in the chat and let everyone know how keen you are
• Have a great time

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